A lovely, traditional, wooden two-seat for your porch, villa verandah or garden.


Contemporary, simple to fit in anywhere.   Made of recovered Fijian hardwood, "Akwa".  Suitable for indoor or outdoor use depending on finish used. (This one is interior finished.)

akwa stool  cubes made to fit

Price of Stool $100.

Old in a new form - 15000 year old swamp kauri in a simple form.  FInshed with a water-based polyurethane so resists stains etc. and easy to look after if the children choose it for a work surface.

CubicCoffeeTable2 Small CubicCoffeeTable3 Small

Dimensions 400 x 760 and H 370mm

Price:  $180

A side table with a mortice-and-tenon jointed kauri leg frame and an intriguing tesselation of contrasting timbers for a top.

table geometric table geometric 2

$350    $200

Not really a cube -  a box with no bottom stood on its side - works as a seat or side table and/or magazine rack. Has been described as 'funky' which we understand to be a compliment!

Coffee table and magazine stand different woods stack 'em

Interesting 3-dimensional appearance in this combination of 3 contrasting woods.  Many hours of cutting and gluing with weather resistant glue.   Suitable for a cheeseboard but won't take the constant washing of a cutting board.

tesselation irregular

$75  -  SOLD  but please ask if this appeals

Bob Samuelson's well-designed SturdyPress is now being made in Rob's Shed!

Boxes large, small, functional, decorative.

Coffee tables, slab tables, kitchen tables, boardroom tables, hall tables.

Porch swings, swing stands.

Cubes, stools, square furniture.

Tesselated contrasting woods.