Bob Samuelson's well-designed SturdyPress is now being made in Rob's Shed!

You need accurate pressure, delivered without adjustment and without denting the kitchen floor!    The SturdyPress design uses leverage to deliver the range of pressures required on your various cheeses, at a constant rate, accurately and safely.  Up to 200 kilograms!

 SturdyPress2Hardwood aux


Even though it is designed to pack away quite compactly (the 'feet' and lever are easily removed), freight costs made importing one from Bob at too expensive.  So Sharon asked me whether I could make one.  

Bob kindly agreed and has been very generous with his time and knowledge regarding methods and materials.   The challenge has been to make one using materials and fittings available here and working as efficiently as Bob does - so that the New Zealand version is affordable.

SturdyPress in Air-dried, untreated pine, $150.

SturdyPress in air-dried, untreated Macracarpa, $180. 

SturdyPress in hardwood, $210 (not currently available)  

Plus freight if not picking up.  (Local $13, NI  $29 and SI $39  and Australia NZ$72 - 15 days; $85 - 3 to 6 days).)


You can see how it works and why it works so well in this youtube demonstration.

SturdyPress Demonstration