A lovely, traditional, wooden two-seat for your porch, villa verandah or garden.



Comfortable and supportive curve in the seat and back.   Treated pine finished with water-based enamel.  Strength certified support chain supplied in either 2mm galvanised or 1.2mm stainless.  

Sitting doing not-much of a summer afternoon is made even easier with one of these!   A place for a chat or a quiet cup of tea.  (Must paint the veranda! No,  just sit a while longer...) The armrests support a glass of wine as it happens...

Price $575 (Galv chain) or $600 with stainless chain.

And then someone asked for a stand, since they didn't have a porch...


The stand costs about $400 depending on the fretwork used in the bracing.

Note:  I think this is a product where it becomes obvious that I cannot compete with those mass-produced tubular swing seats and stand with padding and sun-cover - but do they have the ambience?!