The top is a single piece of Kauri 490mm wide!   Probably milled in the early 1900s or earlier - actually half a kitchen table top.   The legs are recycled from a railyard sheep pen.   All lovely kauri with two contrasting inserts of dark wenge on diagonal corners of the top (done to avoid losing length cutting old curves off).

Tapered legs Kauri table 1 b light compact

The table top is made from a single 450mm (18-inch) wide plank. They just don't cut them that wide anymore!  Would have come out of the sawmill about 120 years ago.   Being nothing special (back then) it was used to make the top of a wardrobe until I found it during renovations about 25 years ago and kept it for a special use.  

Single Kauri board top Swamp kauri legs

This table is held together by the wedges you see on the leg frame.   Built from Rimu recycled from a 1920 bungalow under renovation.

hall table rimu Custom hall table rimu 3 Custom

Solid blond kauri  swamp kauri legs

A contemporary design (or is it 1960's?) of simple lines in very solid Kauri.  The blond kauri top is 860mm x 440 wide and 70mm thick. The legs are 20,000 year-old swamp kauri of a deep red-brown.   The finish is coffee resistant polyurethane so the table won't be marked by spills and wet rims.



A solid table with a top of 32mm recycled Akwa and legs of island Rosewood.   Finished with matt marine polyurethane varnish to enhance the grain but also to protect it from ordinary use.   Dimensions 1100 by 740mm.   Legs are removable for transportation.   Variations such as tapered legs may appeal and are easily done.

tableAkwa4    tableAkwa2