Bob Samuelson's well-designed SturdyPress is now being made in Rob's Shed!

You need accurate pressure, delivered without adjustment and without denting the kitchen floor!    The SturdyPress design uses leverage to deliver the range of pressures required on your various cheeses, at a constant rate, accurately and safely.  Up to 200 kilograms!

 SturdyPress2Hardwood aux

Some cheese recipes state a weight to put on top of the mould prescribed in the recipe.   Others instruct you to put a certain pressure on the cheese.   

Pressure is the force (such as a 15 Kg weight) spread over an area (such as the top of a 13cm diameter mould). If your recipe just says put 15 Kgs on it then you just set up the press to deliver 15 kgs onto the follower plate of  your mould. If your recipe states a pressure of 5 pounds per square inch (psi) because they're American and can't help it, you can convert this to Kg per square centimeter (Kg/cm2) and that is .352 Kg/cm2.

The SturdyPress has two pivot pin positions delivering 5 times and 9 times the load on the lever as the force down the push rod to your cheese-mould.

set at 5x     set at 9x

The 5 times position (on the left) and in the right-hand image the pivot pin has been moved to the 9 times position.

Double-dovetail - a dovetail within a dovetail!  I've used a contrasting African hardwood, Wenge, to make this kauri box.  Quite unique!   And very time-consuming.

doubledovetailbox1 doubledovetailbox3

Using water-filled milk containers (1, 2 and 3 litre for weights of 1,2 and 3 kilograms) to hang on the lever arm.

The unloaded lever arm creates a 1.5 Kg downward force which is constant and is added to the multiplied weight;  eg., 1 Kg x 9 + 1.5 Kg = 10.5 Kg.

The boxes are use a finger-joint within a finger joint of contrasting wood - in these boxes either African Wenge or Australian Jarra - with sides made of Macracarpa or Island Kauri.


Bob Samuelson's well-designed SturdyPress is now being made in Rob's Shed!

Boxes large, small, functional, decorative.

Coffee tables, slab tables, kitchen tables, boardroom tables, hall tables.

Porch swings, swing stands.

Cubes, stools, square furniture.

Tesselated contrasting woods.