I have an eighty/twenty approach to a lot of things.   I get to a pretty good result with a reasonable effort.   I think of that reasonable effort as the easy bit - so 20% of a major effort.   And I think most people are happy with Very Good since it will usually suffice and costs less than Excellent.   I think Very Good is about 80% of Excellent.   So that's my working of the 80/20 Rule.   I can do Excellent but that extra level of finish at every stage takes a lot of extra effort, time and can be a drag because the thing doesn't get 80% better than Very Good.   Another 80% effort only adds 20% quality and most of us aren't even going to notice that since the thing meets requirements at 80%.   We'll only notice the higher price!


Sounds like I don't strive for excellence?   I do.   If you want Excellent then I'll enjoy producing it - once I know that you will be quite happy paying the price.    I don't enjoy making something when someone who is unrealistic about the quality they need or the price it comes at.   And I don't insist on building a Rolls Royce when you want a Toyota.   I recognise that you have left the happy pricing of mass-produced woodwork because you need something not available, or more special, and hand made.   So I've told you all the stuff about 80/20 so you'll know I'll make what you need just as cost efficiently as I can.